LTR Principia Collection

LTR Principia Variable

Hundred SeventyNine EightyNine Seventy SixtyTwo FiftyFive Fifty Hundred Italic SeventyNine Italic EightyNine Italic Seventy Italic SixtyTwo Italic FiftyFive Italic Fifty Italic

LTR Principia Singles

Hundred HundredItalic EightyNine EightyNineItalic SeventyNine SeventyNineItalic Seventy SeventyItalic SixtyTwo SixtyTwoItalic FiftyFive FiftyFiveItalic FiftyItalic Fifty
LTR Principia is a delightful new variable typeface with seven carefully picked widths. When used at its most condensed it takes up about half of the space as when used at its widest. Typographers will know this cannot be exactly half as it depends on the actual letters in your text. Also, the widest italic is a still a bit narrower than the widest roman, so the numbers in the menu are only indications. Principia covers a serious range of widths, and that means you can have a lot of fun fitting words into confined spaces. Principia is excellent for headlines, titles, spines, logos, posters, exhibitions, banners, billboards and sides of buildings. The sharp, wasp- waisted contrast and striking ball terminals make it stand out.